We are in the business of successfully communicating your story to a desired audience through graphics, imagery, colour and layouts. A story can involve a service you would like to provide, a product you would like to sell, a brand you would like to promote, a place you want to share, or a way of thinking you want to tell people about.

Linking your story and the audience is one of our priorities and skill.

Our graphic design experience extends to such projects as:

Branding (logo, colour palettes, typography, stationery
and business items)
Brochures and Flyers
Digital (web/apps)
Signage and Wayfinding


Right now we have unprecedented access to photography and photographic equipment, including smartphones and tablets. Because of this, professional photography is becoming even more important and relevant. Most people can take a photo, however only a professional photographer has the skills to repeatedly capture the essence of the story in a single image.

Understanding and applying balance, composition, perspective, lighting, motion, texture, space, colour, form and creativity, the photographer skilfully produces their images.

We can elevate your brand, product, service, event, or story above the visual “chatter” with our experience behind the camera.

Our photographic experience extends to such projects as:

Product and Packaging
Life-style and Interiors
Portraits and People
Fashion and Editorials
Posters and Ad Campaigns


The art of illustration was once the pinnacle of graphic communication and the go-to for many businesses wanting to communicate their story to the masses. Even though its mainstream popularity has declined over the previous century, we are experiencing an illustration renaissance of sorts.

We can add a new element to your design needs with smart, unique and well considered illustration. Whether to create a nostalgic feeling or a quirky and modern appeal, do not underestimate the power that illustration can bring to your design project.

Our illustration experience extends to such projects as:

Character design
Book illustration
Product design


The rise of connectivity in the digital age has been extensively written about and discussed. Because of this your digital presence and abilities play a huge role in the success of your business. From the essential, current website to the multitude of social media platforms and apps, your story now has many avenues and opportunities to reach the desired audience.

Having access to these platforms is not enough to ensure success. Digital selection, execution, and usage are key.

We can assist in selecting digital platforms that best suit your brand, product, or service and most importantly, your audience. Through careful planning, our creative team will make sure the execution and use of these platforms illustrates your style, your business and ultimately, your success.

Our digital experience extends to such projects as:

Websites and eCommerce
Blog Banners and Graphics
Social Media Set Up and Graphics
Digital Press Kits and Profiles


In addition to our creative skills and services we also provide people in the creative field the opportunity to plan, manage and successfully execute their creative goals.

Creatives such as illustrators, painters, bloggers, writers and artists wanting to take their careers to the next level however lack the know-how or time to do so, call upon us to help out.

Our (collective) years in Sales, Project Management and Communications come in handy as we help you realise your plans whether it be securing an agent, increasing editorial coverage and exposure or holding your own exhibition or event.

If you have a goal – we have a plan!

Creative management includes such areas as:

Goal setting and skills assessment
Planning stages and milestones
Resource allocation
Stockholder management
Time management and scheduling