A young and local brand bask aromatherapy wanted to launch a new range of body care products, made with natures finest botanicals and pure essential oils.  The client wanted a brand and packaging that would hold the widest appeal while communicating a quality product and bask’s aromatherapy heritage.

Many visual directions were considered however the ultimate look and feel was to incorporate a day-spa-at-home feel. With this as our driving force we found a nice balance of design and layout, keeping the product looking appealing and premium without arrogance or exclusion.

Australian made product for all Australians. 

4 x 500ml Bottle Labels
2 x 75g Hand Cream Labels
1 x 125ml Tube Label
Business Card
DL With Compliment Slip
2 x A1 Promotional Posters
Point of Sale
A6 Postcard

Art DirectionC*JUICE Creative Studio

PhotogrpahyC*JUICE Creative Studio

Design C*JUICE Creative Studio