Our friends at L’asacri had a very clear goal: get Australia’s print media to notice them and provide some much needed editorial space.

The business had been growing steadily since its launch in 2010 however it was time to move the brand to the next level.

We know that the L’ascari products are great (we have their amazing candles burning at the studio). The plan was to let a select group of editors know and experience the same thing.

The challenge with any press kit is to get the attention of these editors as they receive hundreds of requests and information from other brands claiming their superiority and desirability. We have seen the power of the press and their “in-the-know” recommendations so we had to develop something special.

Rather than sending the usual email files and images, the idea was to send a sample of the new L’ascari Espresso ManCandle, a bag of quality coffee beans in a beautiful wooden box with a collection of beautiful post cards. Each card had its own segment of the L’asacri story with a different product shot on the back. The package would be engaging and unique enough to get attention plus provide editors with text and images they could use for their editorials.

5 x 175mm x 150mm Post Cards

View some “out takes” from the photo shoot at the bottom of the page including Marty the dog enjoying the product!

Art DirectionC*JUICE Creative Studio & L'ascari

PhotogrpahyC*JUICE Creative Studio

Design C*JUICE Creative Studio