Oxfam Australia was looking to move into the supermarket sales business and needed packaging for their new fair trade coffee, chocolate and tea products.

We were approached to provide concepts to Oxfam Australia management that were still considering which direction to take for this project. To this end two design briefs were created; 1. A cool & hip brand that would sit well with inner city coffee drinkers and “people-in-the-know” and 2. A focus on fair trade and community assistance.

Our brief was the first one so we set about creating a new name for the brand “Equo” (Italian for Equal), the tag line “A Cause To Share” and concept art for possible coffee, chocolate and tea packaging.

As this was concepts only, our work could be more referential and not as precise as finished artwork needed to be. Therefore the work completed suggested a direction and idea rather than represent a final piece of work.

With a strong nod to mid-century sensibilities and a hand-made feel the concept presented showed much personality and vibrance.

The direction that was selected was the more conservative and “safe” design of the second brief. Nonetheless we are still proud of the work and wanted to share it with you.

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