Sinapse, a medium sized consulting firm in Melbourne wanted to take on the “big  names” at the top end of town and grow its business and clients. For this their original branding and website required some work.

Very aware of the “right” image and presence within the consulting market, Sinapse was looking for something that spoke volume in trust, capability and capacity. Using some big names in the field as our starting reference (Accenture, Deloitte and Ernst & Young) we set about creating a clean, modern and confident brand with a website to match.

It was important that the company tell their story through a combination of focused and relevant copy, clean and bold images and smart layouts. Even though the look was corporate it was still accessible and friendly.

When attempting to attract a specific clientele it is important to place your brand well within their line-of-site and Sinapse did this with their brand and website refresh.

This project was completed for Girling Design.

New Content Management System (CMS) Website

Art DirectionC*JUICE Creative Studio & Girling Design

PhotogrpahyStock Images

Design C*JUICE Creative Studio