To celebrate their national tour of 2011, Tin Alley String Quartet wanted something that would promote the tour while showcasing the fun and accessible side of their music.

The idea for the “travelling band” theme came about during early discussions and was incorporated in the photo shoot (taking in underground subways and some of Melbourne’s famous alley ways).

The promotion required a large amount of information ranging from the quartet’s background and history, a tear-away subscription form to the prominent display of supporters and partners. Rather than do a typical book style promotion, we set about creating a large interactive poster that had the wow factor while realising all its functional duties.

The end result was a beautiful and functional poster that folded up to a tenth of its size (for distribution/display ease).

This project was completed for Girling Design.

620mm x 350mm Print Poster

Art DirectionC*JUICE Creative Studio & Girling Design

PhotogrpahyGirling Design

Design C*JUICE Creative Studio